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Scientific American. November 2005

In this newsletter, we are pleased to enclose information about Parkinson’s Disease and MSA, in relation to  viral infections and pneumonia

Pneumonia entail the inflammation of the lung parenchyma characterized by consolidation of the affected part, the alveolar air spaces being filled with exudate, inflammatory cells, and fibrin. Most cases are due to infection by bacteria or viruses, a few to inhalation of chemicals. Double pneumonia involves both lungs.

We have enclosed a video file as an attachment, because it shows very nicely, at a cellular level, the importance of the mucosa lining, as primary defense against viruses. Please let us know if you are able to view it.

This mucus layer protects against viral and bacterial infection. It is present in all vital organs such as. the lungs, heart, intestine, and all respiratory tissues. This protective mucus covering plays a vital role in our defense against viral infections.

Drugs like Sinemet, Amantadine, Mirapex, Permax, Requip, Comtan and various other PD drugs, are known to cause dryness and fibrosis of these mucus layers. Therefore, the long term use of the above drugs, significantly decrease the defense against respiratory viral infections, multiplying the risk of developing pneumonia.

Constipation and dryness of mouth, are widely reported adverse reactions to PD drugs. These are the external observable symptoms indicating that the internal mucosa layer is defective.

The present risk of a flu pandemic, needs to be carefully considered by PD and MSA patients and their families. These patients will have a higher susceptibility to acquire the flu and to develop pneumonia.


Data from
WHO (Wold Health Organization) and
OIE  (International  Organization from Animal Health.)
7 Nov. 2005

The map bellow, from November 2005, shows the areas affected by the H5 influenza outbreak in animals and human beings. The areas affected with by the H5 influenza outbreak in humans are: Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Guinea and Taiwan.

Reference: The Lancet, Vol: 366 November 12, 2005, p1684-1685


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