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Frequently Asked Questions Concerning RG-40 and the Neurogenic Program

Question 1.

How can I get hold of RG-40

RG-40 is not similar to the standard supplements you might be used to taking at any time. It is at present, the most effective natural medicinal extract able to produce an immediate neurological response. It is produced through various extractions at molecular level, purely  from organic fruit and vegetables. Therefore, it is a very powerful product with no side effects at all..

a) A Supplement, is a synthetic emulation of a molecule that exist in nature.

b) A Herbal Remedy is a plant or vegetable with a specific form of medicinal value.

c) With supplements, and herbal remedies the results if any, would only be seen after months or sometimes years of continuous use.

d) Within the RG-40, there are more than 500 molecules of life. That is, molecules that the physiology of the human body recognizes as food. The results with the RG-40, can be observed in just a few days. When used properly, the response and the results are better than any other medicinal product.

e) It is not sensible just to add RG-40, through the day, to your list of drugs and supplements. It needs to be gradually introduced in accordance with the specific advice provided by our team.

f) Many times, doctors and neurologists have to prescribe the discontinuation or replacement of a PD drug, either because it is not producing a response, or because it is clearly causing  adverse reactions.  The aim of our studies is to demonstrate the existence in Nature, of a very powerful tool, that will allow neurologists in the near future, to treat effectively MSA and Parkinson ‘s disease, without causing any form of side effects whatsoever.

g) Before we can provide any suggestion on how to use the RG-40, we need to know the list and schedule of all the drugs and/or supplements the patients is taking, and a brief history of the disease in question.

h) The RG-40 is a live product; therefore, we need to send it refrigerated in an insulated box when transported to your location.

Question 2

How much does the RG-40 cost?

The RG-40 is expensive to produce, because it uses large amounts of vegetable sources and the extraction processes are very delicate. The RG-40 is produced in small batches of 30 to 100 bottles. Many PD and MSA patients, who have used RG-40 in the context of the Neurogenic Program, have been able to dispense with all the drugs they have been taking for years.

These patients have been able to get back to an active life. Many of them are now sponsoring our research projects. These type of charitable contributions allow us to provide the RG-40  free of charge, to many new PD and MSA patients.

When a patient obtains a good response, and this response is properly reported, a number of charitable sources becomes available to help and support the continuous provision of RG-40 for months and sometimes for years.

In general, everyone having a properly reported good response, will receive all the RG-40 required to help with his/her progress.

Question 3

What is the first thing we need to do, in order to decide if I would like to benefit with the Neurogenic Program

We usually send printed information by mail. This includes a Video Documentary filmed by patients who have used the RG-40 in the context of the Neurogenic Program. If you would like to receive this documentary, please let us know in which format you would like it. This can be on VHS, DVD-R; DVD+R, or Video CD format.

Please also let us know the address where you would like this materials to be sent.. Please include Country, Postal Code and, if possible, your telephone number. Once you have reviewed this material and, if you are interested, we can send you a set of confidential information including medical reports, preliminary research results etc.

In order to ensure that we can get the best results with the RG-40, we always prefer to send it only when we have spoken personally, on the telephone, with the caregiver, the doctor or the patient interested.


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 Next Newsletter (May 05)

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you require any further information on the above subject, or if you wish to participate in our studies.


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