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Please select this link, to know about participating in our Nutritional Medicine Studies on Neurogenesis    Home Page



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January 2005
A brief discussion about the importance of using RG-40, only within the context of the Neurogenic Program, to achieve the best result.

March 2005
A brief reply to the most frequent asked questions on how to receive the RG-40 and how to participate in our studies

May  2005
A biochemical description about the way RG-40 functions, at the molecular level, to produce a visible neurological response

July 2005
A detailed discussion about the importance of determining the chemical factors involved in causing or aggravating MSA and Parkinsonís Disease

September 2005
Proposal for a Clinical Study to Test the Effectiveness of a Neurogenic Approach in the Treatment of MSA and Parkinsonís Disease.

December 2005
Information about Parkinsonís Disease and MSA, in relation to  viral infections and the risk of developing pneumonia

View Video: PD Case Report

View Video: PD Case Report Neurogenesist

View Video: RG-40 and Dopamine Receptors

View Video: Shy-Drager Case Report

View Video: Neurogenesis

View Video: Documentary on Viral Infections.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you require any further information on the above subject, or if you wish to participate in our studies.


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From the USA:              01144 7930 915 588       
From the UK:               07930 915 588
From other countries     0044 7930 915 588

From the USA:              01144 7939 010 379
From the UK:               07939 010 379
From other countries     0044 7939 010 379

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